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Miracles in an Age of Technological Reproducibility

This week our lecture is presented by Boston University’s Institute for Philosophy and Religion, and Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies. Speaking is Benjamin Lazier from the Department of History at Reed College.  Professor Lazier’s lecture is titled “Miracles in an Age of Technological Reproducibility.”

Listener comments
  • I have never in my long life heard such nonsense in the guise of "philosophy" or whatever Benjamin Lazier was supposed to be engaging in in last night’s broadcast.  I mean, come-on.  I mean, can BU not find a person in their large collection of intellectuals who might find something relevant to say about the  agony and the ecstasy of contemporary live on this Earth?  I mean there is a place for religious belief, magic, miracles, science, logic, love, mathematics, dreaming . . . let’s find some philosophers who deal with the many contradictions of human existence, like the fact that we are both rational and irrational, that life is both understandable and unfathomable, that human issues are solvable and sometimes not so fast.  We are thinking, logical creatures but we are not perfect.  Did anyone think that humans are doing the best we can, which if you listen to NPR and BBC news broadcasts, isn’t very good at all.  Yet, somewhere in many corners of the World there are small miracles happening:  people are getting along, people are saying thank you, and I’m sorry, and I’ll try harder; and there are places where people of different backgrounds are embracing in accepting the other guy.  Well, s/he maybe “weird” but there’s something lovable about him anyways.  And people give people a hug of acceptance. Let’s search for something hopeful to share, and keep the esoteric BC for a private reading in some cellar, far away from the public eye and mind.

    Posted by Review76, on April 9th, 2012 at 1:28 pm